Goodle AdWords or Facebook Ads: what’s better to promote your hotel?

Google Adword Facebook Ads

If you are interested in tourism web marketing, you will surely be asked whether it is better to focus on Google AdWords or Facebook Ads to reach your customers even more effectively.

At the moment, Google and Facebook are the major online pay-per-click advertising channels that make it possible to reach an incredibly vast audience by following a few steps, offering the opportunity to control the budget and segmenting its audience in detail through accurate criteria. .

These tools have given life to two pivotal concepts that are increasingly mentioned: a latent demand and a conscious demand, indispensable terms for intercepting the web audience and for defining a successful strategy.

Conscious demand (active traffic)

A conscious demand means that target that consciously searches for a specific product or service (active traffic).
To do this it generally uses the search engine (Google), and in this case tools like SEO or Google AdWords are essential to intercept the conscious question.

Example: Mario Rossi has to go to Perugia for work reasons, so he decides to book a hotel and in the search engine he goes to formulate a query like this: “three-star hotel Perugia“.
In this case, as already mentioned, it is essential to prepare an adequate strategy through BigG advertising.

Here is the guide on how to set up your Google AdWords campaign.

Latent demand (passive traffic)

A latent demand identifies the target that does not consciously and actively search for a specific product or service, but which may be interested in it.

This type of passive traffic can be intercepted on some social networks like Facebook. Zuckerberg’s platform, which collects more than 2 billion users, has such a quantity of data that it is the most appropriate and consolidated tool for this kind of demand.

Example: Mario Rossi is shaking the Facebook wall while waiting for the bus, suddenly appears in his home a sponsored offer of a farmhouse just a few kilometers from him that for the Valentine’s Day is offering a pack with dinner, overnight and health centre. Mario Rossi had not yet decided how to spend Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend but has already done some online research for stays in Umbria for that period.

Here the guide on how to set up your campaign with Facebook Ads.

Can Google AdWords and Facebook Ads be used in synergy?

Absolutely yes!
Both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are incredibly powerful advertising platforms that meet virtually every need.

It seems obvious how trying to find a winner in the dispute does not make any sense; on the contrary, it is more useful to evaluate the strengths of both, trying to see them in a complementary way and trying to implement a strategy that can make them work in synergy.

The synergy of the two instruments allows to optimize the economic investments and therefore to lower the cost per conversion.
The two tools are absolutely complementary and allow the first (Google AdWords) to bring new traffic and users on their website while the second (Facebook Ads) to bring back on their site those who came out without buying.

To understand better, let’s take a look at the diagram above. We have schematized a simple flow of traffic on your website through different channels.

Organic traffic (not paid), Google AdWords and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are used to convey people on their website, once they reach the site they are profiled and put on the list of potential customers because probably interested.

A user who lands on any page of the hotel’s website can then perform two actions:

1) Book directly through booking engine, email, call in the structure;

2) Browse the site and exit.

In the second scenario, ie in the event that the purchase process has not been successful, you can/must create a retargeting campaign through Facebook Ads reporting lists of profiled users who have visited the site and are therefore potentially interested but haven’t bought.

A practical case

Do you still have any doubts? We quickly see a practical case.

Relais Villasole (fantasy structure) is a 35-room boutique hotel in the province of Perugia. The manager of Relais Villasole decides to create a promotional package for Valentine’s Day through Google AdWords. At the same time he decides to listen to the Facebook Pixel, so as to intercept the visitors and be able to retarget on Facebook.

This strategy is useful to avoid “shooting in the pile”, thus going to intercept those who have expressed a conscious demand, continuing to intrigue the potential customer with our contents.


  • Intercept the traffic that comes from the conscious demand with Google AdWords;
  • Activate and “listen” to the Facebook Pixel;
  • Do Retargeting through Facebook Ads.

Users surf the web in a frenetic, fast, distracted way. Advertising campaigns can attract the attention of a user and convey it to your product but other distractions of any kind can take it away making you lose the conversion. For this reason it is even more important to re-propose to potential customers what you have to offer so as to increase the possibility of conversion and sales.

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