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Email Marketing Hotel Albergo Agriturismo

The automation of email marketing in a hotel is a strategy too often underestimated, in fact one of the mistakes that is most frequently committed is to forget the past customers, who are summarily placed in the mailing list after the stay and then be bombarded with email without a clear strategy.

In this article we will explain how important is for a hotel management software to include an email marketing automation system that starts with creating targeted email campaigns. Identify and segment customers based on the information that customers have provided during their stay in the facility.

What does it mean to automate email marketing at the hotel?

The automation of email marketing for your hotel allows you to work smarter and faster, having different data on one platform.
Automating email marketing means creating email campaigns directly from the management PMS in a few clicks, keeping track of openings, undelivered messages and campaign conversions, trying to understand what works and what does not.

The automation of hotel marketing provides the competitive advantage necessary to enter even more in contact with guests, directing them to promotions and offers more suited to them.

4 benefits of marketing automation for your hotel

1) Start email marketing campaign

Guests want to receive quick, accessible and relevant information.
The emails that are provided by customers along with their preferences are included in the CRM, a tool that can track guest data, grouping them with customized tags and filters. Once you know the preferences of the guests and the reason for their stay, it becomes easier to launch email campaigns in which to customize the message and offer targeted promotional packages.

2) Automate cross-selling and up-selling

Using a single tool to manage your hotel allows you to automate up-selling and cross-selling, sales strategies that bring a significant slice of revenue into the cases of your accommodation.

The cross sell makes it possible to automate the sale of additional services such as SPA treatments, catering, entertainment and much more. In this way it offers its customers the opportunity to make their stay even more unique, offering them the purchase of additional services in a professional and elegant way, this will make them happier and more satisfied, thus improving the reputation of the hotel.
For example, at the time of booking or a few days later, the customer may be offered an email to add contingent services to the stay such as: spa package, horseback riding or wine tasting.

Important is also the upsell of the room that is proposed to the customer and purchased even before it arrives in the structure.

3) Analyze reports and data

Analyzes in an analytical way the reports that your management provides you after starting an email marketing campaign, taking into account some important data such as open rate, finished messages in spam and unsubscriptions from the mailing list.
For example, you can monitor which offers or services are more relevant and attractive to certain groups of guests.
Moreover the analysis helps to eliminate from the contact list those who are not really interested in what is offered.

4) Increase leads and keep the brand alive

Sending targeted emails allows you to increase direct bookings and keep your customers’ interest in your hotel alive.
Maybe they have not yet booked their stay and reading the email will decide to play it safe and to book in the same place where they stayed the previous year.

⚠️ Attention to the sanctions of the Privacy Guarantor

This practice can entail different risks because if a user decides to unsubscribe this data will not be synchronized in the management system, leading the hotel owner to run into the risk of serious fines.
Not complying with the non-cancellation of the newsletter may lead to a claim in the first instance to the Privacy Guarantor and in the second instance to a summons for compensation for damages and the termination of harassment to the Justice of Peace.

These aspects have become even more rigorous and restrictive with the GDPR.


We can therefore say that nowadays managing the marketing processes from a single platform is essential to facilitate the launch of promotional offers and increase the conversion rate in complete safety.


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