ISTAT telematic reporting software for hotels and accommodation facilities

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All managers of hotels, farmhouses, bed and breakfasts and accommodation facilities are obliged to notify ISTAT of the movements, i.e. arrivals and presences of their customers (residents and non-residents) who have stayed at the facility.
Communication can take place via telematics, therefore through the portal made available by the region to which it belongs.

In this article we will try to explain in depth how the telematic procedure of sending the ISTAT file works and how to simplify the process of creating the ISTAT file.

We state that each region (or in certain cases specific provinces) adopt different portals with different interfaces, we will therefore try to explain the general operation and list what information is sent. These different platforms and fragmented in terms of connection interfaces, create a considerable complexity for the hotel management software that take care of preparing this data and synchronizing it.

Let’s start from ABC: what is the purpose of online reporting to ISTAT?

The survey and transmission of the tourist movement, in addition to quantifying for each month and for each municipality arrivals and presences of customers, provides some information that allows the calculation of the occupancy rates of beds and rooms for hotel-like structures.

As mentioned above, each region makes a portal available for accommodation and hotels for the online transmission of the data requested by ISTAT.

The following data are generally requested in the file to be transmitted:

  • Number of guests arrived;
  • Number of departed guests;
  • attendance;
  • Occupied rooms and / or beds;
  • Origin guests.

What is the online transmission procedure for the ISTAT tourist movement?

The method of transmission of the ISTAT file varies for each region and sometimes it can also differentiate between provinces.
 For example, the TOLM portal (Umbria) requires daily submission, while the Turismo 5 portal (Lombardy) requires monthly submission.

The owner of the accommodation, by connecting to the specific reference portal, can transmit the data of daily tourist movements in real time and safely.

In the event that the accommodation already has its own management software capable of generating this data according to the portal standard, then it will be possible to import the file without proceeding with manual data entry.

Generate and send the ISTAT file electronically through a management software

The best management software for hotels allow you to enter data directly into the booking system and export a file containing all the guests which will then be uploaded to the ISTAT portal of the reference region.

Slope, hotel management, allows you to simplify the process of sending the file and automatically generate the file to be sent to the portal of each Italian province.

To give a practical example, Slope allows the hotelier to record the guest data and subsequently export the file with all the data. The export takes place according to the provisions of the legislation, that is, via a text, Excel or XML file (depending on the portals) which must then be imported into the reference ISTAT portal.

To help you better understand how it works, we show you the simple steps to take to export the file.

Let’s imagine that our Hotel is located in the province of Perugia, therefore our reference portal for sending the ISTAT file is the TOLM.

1) Generate the ISTAT file within the Slope management system

To download the Istat file and import them into the Tolm Portal, access the Slope dashboard, click on Istat File and download the file (in this case .txt) that is generated.

2) Upload the ISTAT file to the reference portal

At this point all you have to do is log in to the Portal of your region and upload the file you just downloaded.

Automatic sending of information between management and portal

Some provinces provide hotel PMS with a server to server communication interface, in this case the hotelier can synchronize the presence of his guests directly from the management without the need to download and download the file on the portal.

✔️ Advantages of using a management system to generate customer movement in hospitality establishments ✔️

Customer data are automatically reported within the file:

  • that have been registered;
  • for which the exportable checkbox for lodged portal and Istat was checked during guest registration.
  • The format of the file that can be exported to Slope is the same as that requested by the Istat Portal.
  • The file can only be exported to specific accommodations.

Try Slope’s PMS!

The generation of the Istat file is only one of the many features present in the PMS of the Slope management software, such as, for example, the reporting of the coupon lodged to the State Police.

You can try the potential of Slope software for free for 30 days by filling out the demo request form.