Facebook Pixel for Hotel: how to install it and how to use it

Facebook Pixel Hotel

One of the most useful tools to give your hotel advertising campaigns a boost is definitely Facebook Pixel.
What exactly is it?

What is Facebook Pixel and how do I install it?

The Facebook Pixel, however, is nothing more than a handful of lines of code that you insert in your website or booking engine allow you to track the users who visit the pages of your portal.
In order to do such a thing, Pixel uses the very famous cookies, small files saved in the user’s browser that can store information regarding the web pages that each user visits.

The Facebook Pixel is activated when a user visits your site and perhaps performs an action, such as filling out an information request form.
The two main objectives that can be achieved through Facebook Pixel are:

tracking the behavior of website visitors;
the ability to create remarketing lists.

Installing the Facebook Pixel on your site is not particularly complicated, however our advice is to contact your trusted web agency who can do it for you. Alternatively you can peek at the Facebook guide and try it for yourself.

How can Facebook Pixel be used for a hotel website?

As already said, thanks to this small fragment of code you can monitor all the various “events” that happen on our page. In this way, the hotelier will be able to create targeted offers based on data, knowing what the preferences of each user are and thus also improving conversion tracking (in our case, when we talk about conversions we obviously refer to reservations).

Facebook offers a series of “standard events” that can be monitored, as well as allowing the creation of customized events. So, the series of events that can be monitored via Facebook Pixel are almost infinite.

By event we do not mean the canonical meaning that is had in Facebook, or meeting date, but of actions that users perform on our site such as:

landing page display;
sending request through form.

Facebook Pixel and Slope Booking Engine

The various Pixels can be placed not only within the website, but also in the booking engine, including of course that of Slope.
In this way it will also be possible to monitor all those customers who complete their booking process and also those who then abandon, always with a view to better targeting.

However, let’s be careful, a booking engine to be compliant with the GDPR and privacy legislation cannot activate the tracking via cookies without the explicit consent of the user (we talked about it here in more detail).

Let’s take an example on how to use the Pixel:

With Facebook Pixel you can create a personalized audience segment by including those who have visited the site’s booking engine, then setting up a personalized campaign, perhaps offering discounts or special prices in case of direct booking.

How can I create a personalized audience starting from the Pixel in the Booking Engine?

A personalized audience segment (in English custom audience) includes a portion of users registered on Facebook who have already come into contact with your site, in practice a group of people who already know your product and your brand.

Once you have created the Facebook Pixel, simply go to the business part of your Facebook account and click on Public.

Then click on “Create Audience” and then “Custom Audience“. In the next screen click on “Website Traffic”.

It will then be sufficient to set the time criteria and the name of the audience to create your own segment

Once the audience segment has been created, I can create promotions to target exactly that target I have chosen.
So I can create promotions for:

  • Highlight a post;
  • Grow the “Likes” of the Facebook Page;
  • Increase website traffic.

Success stories, interview with Luca and Silvia, owners of Chalet Weal

At about 2000 meters above sea level, nestled on the Colle del Sestriere in an uncontaminated environment, the Chalet WEAL was born, the perfect structure for a stay in the mountains both during the summer and winter. There are many itineraries to follow: from the infinite ski slopes, in one of the largest ski areas in the world, to long walks with panoramic views.

We were happy to have a chat with the owners, Luca Angelucci and Silvia Dall’Oca, to tell us how Chalet WEAL was born and grew and the reason for choosing Slope as the management software for their structure.

How could we define the Chalet WEAL?

Our structure is designed both for those who want to enjoy a relaxing holiday, and for those who want to take advantage of the ski facilities that are present in the area.
The scenario in which we are immersed is truly suggestive, and our apartments offer all the comforts that can also be found at home. They all look SOUTH and the ski slopes, for a truly incredible panorama.

For our guests we have three studios, two two-room apartments and two double bedrooms where you can relax after a long day spent outdoors.
One of our strengths is also that of being strategically positioned: we are in fact only 100 meters from the Fraiteve cable car and 300 meters from the main ski lifts in Sestriere and from the town center.
Our structure is suitable for both young groups, couples and families with children: in short, our welcome is good for everyone!

What are the services that you make available to your guests?

We try to do everything possible to satisfy our customers and make them live an unforgettable holiday. Here you can buy the Via Lattea Skipass by communicating the names a few days before and thus avoiding wasting time as soon as you arrive. It will also be our concern to accompany the guest to the best specialized shop to rent all the equipment they need.

There is more: you can also book ski and snowboard lessons and even there is the possibility of having the desired shopping delivered to your apartment or even dinner for the evening! In short, we try to pamper the customer from every point of view.

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Why the choice of Slope as management software?

Before leaving, we viewed several software, always with company tutorials to learn more about the topic. In the end, however, Slope was the most complete with the best price.
I can’t say it didn’t affect the sympathy of their staff, who followed us from the first day until the official opening.
Never left alone!

Would you recommend Slope to a hotelier? If so why?

We have already done it and will continue to do so. We really believe that it is an easy-to-use management software, but above all with unrivaled support.
We do not have time to write an email that we are contacted and with the help of the boys everything is resolved in an instant.