Email Marketing Hotel: the right way

email marketing hotel

Which are the promotional emails that convert the most? How can a hotel really benefit from the newsletters it sends? But above all, is there still a need to talk about email marketing?

In this blogpost we will talk about email marketing, a topic that if addressed and treated in the right way, can bring a great benefit to hotel finances.

We will analyze the issue of email marketing, trying to outline guidelines and strategies, also with a view to disintermediation.

The advent of new communication tools, emails still play a pivotal role, especially because they allow you to communicate directly to the potential guest.
Checking the e-mail inbox is now part of the “digital awakening” of many users, once sipping coffee in the morning while reading the newspaper, today the newspaper has been replaced by the smartphone and checking the early morning emails has become almost a ritual for many people.

A well-written email with the right catchy and interesting subject is more likely to be open and read.

Once the email is opened, users are known to appreciate “good deals” and exclusive opportunities, for this reason it is important to take advantage of the newsletter to make the user feel “exclusive” and “special” by offering special economic conditions.

Last, but not least, it is also a great deal of ease in calculating the ROI, as the performance of an email campaign can be tracked without too much difficulty and allows you to better understand which services and promotions “work” the most.

Profiling + planning = booking

One of the mistakes that is made when you have a list of contacts (if you have one) is to send mass emails that are the same for everyone, without segmenting the audience based on tastes and interests.

The next step is the creation of an editorial plan that leads to the sending of emails that convert.

In this case it is essential that within the emails:

  • the texts are readable from any platform (multi-device)
  • avoid items like “unmissable offer summer 2019 !!!!!!”
  • avoid messages without call to action and with lean content.

Guests want to receive quick and relevant information. In this regard, it is important that the content creates relationships, must attract without being invasive, giving useful advice on any events in the city and which could attract the attention of the guest.

A single tool from which to manage customers and email marketing

In this process of profiling and email marketing planning, it is essential to have a software tool available that aggregates the various data.

The email addresses provided by the guests must be entered in the CRM, thus allowing to segment the audience thanks to personalized tags and filters. Once you know the preferences of the guests and the reason for their stay, it becomes easier to start email campaigns in which to personalize the message and offer targeted promotional packages.

Sending email marketing directly from the management allows you to analyze the reports, taking into account some important data such as open rate, messages finished in spam and unsubscribe from the mailing list (GDPR compliance).

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