Proforma Hotel document: what it is and how to use it

Documento proforma Hotel come gestire acconti e prenotazioni con Slope

The proforma document is a document with no tax value that is used in the hotel to provide the guest with a summary of all the items that will be charged to him, before issuing the receipt or electronic invoice.

The purpose of this article is to explain what a proforma document is and how its use can simplify some work steps in the hotel.

When to use it in the hotel

The proforma document is particularly useful for those hoteliers who want to show a document (without tax value) to the customer where they can check the cost of the overnight stay and any extras and services they have used.

Sometimes it is issued before the payment is made, so as not to have to bear the risk of tax charges related to the payment of VAT.
If the pro forma document contains errors regarding the amounts, it is possible to reissue the document without however going to reverse already issued tax documents.

It may happen that during the check-out the customer does not recognize a consummation or a service used during his stay in the structure, for this reason it is important that the details of the consummations are reported with the relative day of use.

Any disputes can therefore be managed even before the issue of the tax document.

To avoid mistakes being made by those working at the front desk, it is important that the proforma document is distinguishable from what will then be the related tax documents such as receipt or invoice, these will follow a separate and independent numbering.

Pro-forma document as notula for group bookings

When having reservations for groups of rooms, the hotelier may wish to request a deposit to confirm the booking.

For this reason, a document is prepared which lists the quantities and types of rooms included in the group booking: the total amounts (which will be due for the entire stay) and the amount to be paid as a deposit to confirm the booking.

Also in this case the proforma document can be useful by acting as a notula for the request for payment.

The document is sent with a header that explains what the conditions for the booking confirmation are and once the payment has been collected, the pro-forma is converted into a tax document and the booking option into a confirmed booking.

Any iterations of modification of the group booking will be easily manageable because, since the proforma is not a tax document, the reversal or modification of the amounts can be made without any problem.

How to fill out a proforma document

How do you fill out a proforma document in a hotel and what are the main differences compared to a tax document such as an invoice or receipt?

Although this document usually has the same graphic layout as the documents already mentioned, it differs in some particular details including:

  • the wording “proforma invoice” must be clearly expressed;
  • if any type of numbering is used, it must be extraneous and independent of the numbering of the other fiscal documents;
  • must include the following wording “this document does not constitute an invoice valid for the purposes of Presidential Decree 633 10/26/1972 and subsequent amendments. The definitive invoice will be issued upon payment of the consideration (article 6, paragraph 3, Presidential Decree 633/72).

Proforma document with Slope

The Slope software allows you to manage pro forma documents, creating a document with no fiscal value, useful for those hoteliers and receptionists who want to show the customer a facsimile of what the final document will be (receipt or invoice).

The proforma can be created by merging items, changing descriptions and quantities of products or dates of the stay, this to make everything clearer to the customer.

Once a proforma has been created and approved by the customer, it is important that it can be converted into a tax document (invoice or receipt).

Slope manages the immediate conversion of the proforma into a fiscal document, no work is required by the receptionist, all configurations of the proforma document are preserved and a fiscal document is issued that follows the correct numbering.

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