How to choose a Mac hotel management software

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When choosing a Mac hotel management software for your accommodation, first of all you need to make sure that this can be performed on the main management platforms and operating systems on the market.

Some examples of the main operating systems are: Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux (in the various distributions), Android and iOS (the latter for mobile devices).

How to choose a hotel management software that works on all operating systems

However, some applications cannot be installed on some of these operating systems for reasons of technical compatibility, for this reason it is important to make sure that the management platform you are purchasing is able to run on the operating system (OS) you have.

It is very important that the management software is executed without the need to resort to emulators or other stratagems that have a strong impact on the performance and speed with which the user (receptionist or hotel manager) operates on the platform.

Imagine working all day on a small window where each operation takes a long time to complete, this becomes unnerving as well as poorly productive.
For this reason it is important to choose a software solution that is not only cloud but also accessible through a common web browser.

Some cloud software solutions need to install an application (a client) on their computer or smartphone. This application communicates with the cloud server counterpart and provides the user with the interface with which to interact.

An approach of this type provides, however, that for each operating system, the software house that develops the management software creates a dedicated application; often this application is different for each operating system on which it must operate (especially if you compare a desktop version with a mobile version) and just as often the management features made available on mobile devices are far lower than those offered on the desktop.

Management Hotel Mac accessible from browser

The web based cloud applications are accessible from browsers, some examples of browsers are: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

So to access your management software, the receptionist will simply have to open the browser and type in the address (url) of the management software and log in with your login credentials.

Any device that has a browser (Mac, PC, smartphone, smart TV and tablet) will be able to access and use the hotel management software without problems or limitations.

A modern and structured hotel has several figures that revolve around the management of the structure, each with their own computer or smartphone with which to access the hotel data and perform the various tasks in the hotel.

Why choose hotel management software that can be used by any Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android operating system

One of the biggest advantages of choosing 100% cloud software is that it can be used by any operating system such as Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

A practical use case could be that in which the hotel has decided to install elegant Mac computers at the reception, to have a laptop or desktop PC with Microsoft Windows operating system in the manager’s office and an Android tablet (or mobile phone) in the pocket of the owner of the accommodation.

In such a varied context it is important that the hotel is equipped with management software that not only is all in one (which therefore offers all the necessary information to the receptionist, manager and owner in a single platform) but that this platform is accessible in its entirety from any device.

If you still have doubts about the difference between a cloud management software and a web based cloud management software, do not hesitate to contact us.

Slope management software can be used on any operating system and device: Mac, PC, Linux, iOS and Android

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