Are books the only way to increase your education?


How can a hotelier increase his culture both in the workplace and in the personal sphere? Are books really the only tool to open your mind and improve your education?

In the digital age, are books the only way to increase your education?

Virtually all the greatest leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, visionaries … are great book devourers.

Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos are just some of the characters who are changing the world and who grind pages on pages to gain knowledge on different fronts, even the most disparate.

Picking up a book is often the first step you take to go study and learn new concepts and subjects, however Marco and Edoardo believe that reading books is not the only way to increase your knowledge.

The world of the digital age is changing faster and faster and various training and study tools have come into play, including:

  • Twitter, as a news feed that allows you to discover blog posts and news that are otherwise not easy to find;
  • Blog;
  • Youtube;
  • TED, US conferences held by international speakers on disparate topics. The mission of the Ted Talks is summarized in the formula “ideas worth spreading” (ideas that deserve to be spread).
  • Quora, a platform where users can post questions and answers on many topics;
  • Podcast.

These “alternative training tools” such as the podcast can be used at various times of a hotelier’s day (while in the car to go to work, while traveling by metro, and so on) this not only to train in relation to hospitality world, but also to brainstorm and discuss various topics such as: leadership, personnel management, economics, finance, general culture and so on.

And you read many books to get informed? What tools do you mainly use to increase your training?

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