What are Google Hotel Ads

What are google hotel ads

Today we talk about what Google Hotel Ads is and find out how this metasearch can help the hotelier to increase the direct sales and visibility of his hotel.

In this article we will talk about e the Google Hotel Ads theme, an additional weapon in the hands of the hotelier to try to increase the sale of their accommodation and to increase the brand of their hotel.

Google Hotel Ads, beyond the classic metasearch

Google Hotel Ads is a metasearch and as such presents the customer with hotel prices and availability from the various platforms and compares them to each other, offering the traveler the opportunity to compare sales prices on different channels, including the official website of the hotel.

For several years now, one of Google’s main strategies has been to capture and offer the traveler all the information he needs directly in the search engine, without having to go to other sites.

This means that if for example our user like Mario Rossi is organizing a trip to Rome and type the keyword “Hotel Roma” on Google, the screen that will be in front of it will be a set of results consisting of:

  • organic search results
  • paid ads

In addition, there will also be a block dedicated to showing in the form of a grid a list of the main accommodation facilities and a Google Maps map on which the hotels are positioned with the relative best price.

By clicking on one of the hotels, the relative tab will open with even more detailed information on the accommodation and an interesting sales price grid will also be shown.

This grid shows the various sales prices of the same type of accommodation in the various distribution channels on which the hotel sells its rooms.

The novelty introduced therefore by Google Hotel Ads is to give way to the structure to present its booking engine sale price, thus giving the potential customer the opportunity to book directly without going through the OTAs.

How much does Google Hotel Ads cost the hotelier?

There is no fixed price or a fee to be paid, Google Hotel Ads offers two types of models:

  • Cost-per-click (CPC): this is the same method that Google Ads provides where the advertiser goes to pay each time a click on the sponsored ad is made.
  • Cost per acquisition (CPA): you pay a commission for the reservation made through the booking engine.

Which model should you choose?

This depends on several factors, including:

  • type of structure (level and cost of rooms)
  • type of customers (business VS leisure)
  • tariff strategies (price uniformity on all channels or discount on the direct booking channel).

In both cases, whether it is a CPC or a CPA, the booking takes place on the booking engine of the accommodation.

In the specific case of the Slope management software, the channel manager integrated into the platform will be responsible for updating Google with the availability and rates of the structure, after which the reservations will be completed directly in Slope’s Booking Engine.

And have you already started to invest the budget in Google Hotel Ads? What do you think of this metasearch?

With Slope, your hotel is under control. Always.

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