No show and hotel cancellations

Come inviare segnalazione ISTAT con Istrice 2

Which are the implications of a high no show rate in the hotel? How do you handle the penalty in case of no show? How can hotel cancellations be reduced?

In this blog-post will talk about two problems that afflict hoteliers and receptionists, namely no shows and last minute cancellations, trying to give some advice on how to reduce cancellations, manage no shows and produce revenue from these events.

No shows and late booking cancellations are one of the worst nightmares of hoteliers, who are put to the test to try to stem this problem, which can significantly impact those who are profit margins of the hotel.

Specify well booking conditions and cancellation policy

Marco and Edoardo believe that a delicate step in this phase is to correctly specify within their website and the booking engine which are the booking terms and conditions.
By highlighting what the cancellation policies are with the times within which penalties apply, it becomes clear how much a customer will be able to cancel his reservation without incurring penalties, thus avoiding discontent and misunderstandings.

Check the arrival time

Although it may seem obvious enough, an effective way to prevent guests from not showing up without having notified, is to ask for the arrival time at the facility.
A management software that sends pre-stay emails is particularly convenient in this sense, also to help increase the user’s customer journey.

Measure, measure, measure

It is important to check and keep track of metrics related to no shows and booking cancellations, trying to understand which channels they come from most.
This is because the cancellation percentage must not be seen as a single number, but must be measured for each distribution channel used by the structure.

Use a channel manager who reopens sales on the OTA portals

In the case of last minute cancellations, it is very important to use a channel manager who is able to instantly reopen the availability and distribute rooms and rates quickly on each channel, trying to immediately put the unsold back on sale.

Hosted Bet slip software: how to generate and send lodged bet slips

Software segnalazione Portale Alloggiati come generare ed inviare schedine alloggiati

All managers of hotels, agritourisms, bed and breakfasts and accommodation facilities in general have the obligation to communicate to the Police Headquarters through the Alloggiati Web Portal the lodged tickets, i.e. the general information of the guests who will stay at their facilities.

The reporting of guests, in addition to being accurate, must be made no later than 24 hours after the arrival of guests at the facility.

In this article we will better explain how housed reporting (PS) works and how to simplify the process of creating cards to avoid errors and delays in sending.


The basics: what is the Aligned card?
How to create the Schedule Lodged directly on the site of the State Police
Generate and send housed tickets through a management software
How to avoid errors by generating files housed with the Slope management software

The basics: what is the Aligned card?

The Alloggiati Portal, present since 2006, allows you to send the famous Alloggiati Schedule, a document containing the personal data of guests staying at your facility.

The data that are entered in the card housed are:

  • Check-in date;
  • Type of accommodation (single guest, head of the family, group leader);
  • Surname and name:
  • Sex;
  • Date of birth and place of birth;
  • Citizenship.

It is interesting to note the two fields “group leader” and “head of the family”.
The group leader is used in the case of stays of groups of people who do not belong to the same family, where a group leader who has a valid identification document in Italy is sufficient.
In the case of lodgings belonging to the same family unit, a householder can be indicated instead.

Alloggiati Web: how to create the Alloggiati card directly on the State Police website

The State Police offers the possibility to fill in and send the tickets housed directly on their portal. The data entry mask is similar to that shown in the image below:

The data entry procedure is simple, it is enough to manually enter the guest data, but care must be taken to avoid transcription errors.

Furthermore, in the case of the insertion of several guests, the procedure can become particularly long.

The data of each guest must be entered manually;
In the case of many check-ins, the operation may take a long time;
You do not have a record of past customers from which you can search and speed up the insertion.

Generate and send housed tickets through a management software

The best hotel management software allows you to enter data directly into the booking system and export a file containing all the guests which can then be uploaded to the Accommodated Portal.

Slope, hotel management software, allows you to simplify the process of sending the lodged tickets and automatically generate the file to be sent to the portal.

Slope allows the hotelier to enter guest data quickly with the ability to search for customer profiles previously profiled and entered in the CRM and subsequently export the file with all the data. The export takes place according to the provisions of the legislation, that is, through a .txt file which must then be imported into the Accommodated Portal.

To make you better understand the operation of the .txt file generation engine, we show you the simple steps to be performed to export the housed file:

1) Generate the Housed Web file within the Slope management system

With Slope, to download the housed coupons and import them into the Alloggiati Web Portal, access the dashboard, click on File Alloggiati Polizia and download the .txt file that is generated.

2) Upload the file housed in the Web Hosted Portal

At this point, all you have to do is log in to the Accommodated Portal, upload the .txt file, click on process to check the content and finally click on send to forward everything to the Police Headquarters.


  • Customer data are automatically reported within the file:
  • that have been registered;
  • for which the exportable check-box for lodged portal and Istat was checked during guest registration.
  • The format of the file that can be exported to Slope is the same as that requested by the Accommodati Portal.
  • Once exported, the lodged file must not be modified by the user, but simply imported into the Alloggiati Portal of the State Police.
  • The file can only be exported to specific accommodations.

Avoid errors by generating the file housed with the Slope management software

It may happen that by manually registering guests in the Accommodated Portal, some are forgotten. Slope prevents this from happening by notifying the error and still allowing you to export the file only for some types of accommodation.

Practical example – How to register a guest with Slope and send the card lodged

Ok, let’s give some context and put ourselves in the shoes of a hotelier.

It is March 1st and the client Mario Rossi together with his wife Michela Gialli show up for the check-in at the Relais Villasole facility.

1) Registration of the personal data sheet

As a first step, the hotelier records the general information and completes the respective personal data sheets.

After entering the guest details correctly, you will see the booking summary.

During the day, the hotelier will also register the check-in of two other couples, by entering their respective personal data or by searching for existing personal data.

2) Generation of the .txt file to be imported into the web hosted portal

The lodging report must be made no later than 24 hours after the arrival of the customers at the facility, so the hotelier decides to generate the file and import it into the Alloggiati Web portal.

To do this, simply access the Slope dashboard, click on Police Housed Files and download the .txt file that is generated.

At this point all you have to do is:

  • log in to the Accommodated Portal;
  • load the .txt file;
  • click on process to verify the content;
  • click on send to forward everything to the Police Headquarters;
  • download the receipt certifying the number of coupons correctly sent on a given day.

What would have happened if the hotelier had not used the Slope management system?

Without the simplification of the management the hotelier would have had to:

  • Record the data at least twice; the first time for normal registration and the second time inside the Portal housed;
  • to risk forgetting some personal data sheets;
  • waste a lot of time in the case of the arrival of large groups.

(FAQ) – Some frequently asked questions.

Is it possible to make customers sign old paper tickets?

The submission of attendance through the paper tickets was abrogated since December 2011, due to the changes made to Art. 109 c. 3 T.U.L.P.S. from Art. 40 c. 1 of Legislative Decree 06/12/2011 nr. 201. Presences in the facility must be reported EXCLUSIVELY with the Alloggiati Web telematic system.
In the event that there are technical problems, it is necessary to contact the competent local Commissariat to agree on how to send them.

Should the departure be reported in the Accommodated Portal?

No, only the arrival should be reported.

Can the management software automatically send the accommodation cards without having to authenticate each time in the accommodation portal?

The provision of the Ministry of Interior D.M. 7-1-2013 quotes verbatim:

“The user, after authentication and access to the work area, can transmit the cards housed in two alternative ways described below.

  • Online insertion of single coupons;
  • Transmission of a file in text format. “

For security reasons, it is clear that in order to transmit the lodged tickets, the authorized user must necessarily authenticate himself in the Accommodated Portal.

Try the Slope management software

The generation of the housed ticket is only one of the many features present in the PMS of the Slope management software.
You can try the potential of Slope software for free for 30 days by filling out the demo request form.

All managers of hotels, agritourisms, bed and breakfasts and accommodation facilities in general have the obligation to communicate to the Police Headquarters through the Alloggiati Web Portal the lodged tickets, i.e. the general information of the guests who will stay at their facilities.

GDPR Hotel: one year later

GDPR Europe

What has changed for accommodation facilities a year later since the GDPR came into force?

What measures have hoteliers put in place to protect their customers’ data? What are the tools available to hotels to be in line with the regulations?

How the GDPR, i.e. the European General Data Protection Regulation, has brought with it several innovations, including a different approach and attention to data processing.

How hotels deals with the GDPR

A few days ago, on May 25, 2018, the GDPR turned one year old.
During these 365 days the hoteliers have become more aware of privacy, data protection and aspects such as:

  • cookie policy
  • privacy policy
  • data breach
  • data protection officer
  • hosting server
  • … and more

In general, the managers of accommodation facilities have therefore moved on two main fronts: the website side and the management software side.
As for the website, they took care to update the privacy and cookie policy (often relying on the advice of a lawyer), they lent more to the cookies installed on the site and, in the case of contact forms, they took care to deselect any checkbox for newsletter subscription is defaulted.

As regards the management software, the hoteliers took action to understand where the customer data was stored, trying to verify the new legislation with the service provider, analyzing what the risks were in the event of a violation of the system data.

Cloud vs On-premise management software: the hotelier’s responsibilities in both cases

Then we reflected on a question that was posed by several hoteliers:

“On premise management vs cloud management. How is the data processed? With what solution does the hotelier risk less? “

In an on premise solution (installation on a local server) the responsibility for data protection must comply with various requirements: first of all the management software used must allow encryption. In addition, the local server must have an updated operating system with an operating technician who certifies the updates. Finally, the internet connection must take place through updated firewalls. All these aspects are the responsibility of the hotelier.

In a cloud solution, the responsibility for protection lies with the service provider, who will certify compliance with the GDPR.
So in this second case the hotelier is the owner of the data saved in the system, while the company that makes the software available is the data controller.

To find out more, please listen to the episode and, as always, write us any feedback at the email address or on our Facebook page.

Success stories – Interview with Rossano Allochis, co-director of Vigneto di Roddi

Vigneto di Roddi Slope

Right at the top of the Langhe hills, stands the Vigneto di Roddi, a structure that offers its guests rooms with attention to detail and a typical cuisine revisited by creative and curious proposals.
In this wonderfully restored farmhouse, immersed in the vineyards and hazelnut trees of the UNESCO heritage from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the most beautiful valleys of the Langhe, we met Rossano Allochis, partner with his brother Manolo of Vigneto di Roddi.
Manolo and Rossano Allochis are respectively Chef and Maitre: strong of a solid experience, gained both in Italy and abroad, they have chosen this Ravinali’s hill, in Roddi, to stop and put into practice the skills acquired in years of intense training.

Rossano told us the story of Roddi’s Vineyard and why he chose Slope as a management software.

How was the “Vigneto di Roddi” born?

The farmhouse was built in 1915 where lived Modesto Lodali, grower of hazelnuts, breeder and small wine producer. He owned about 45 calves and produced wine at home for friends and some families in the area. The farmhouse was abandoned for several years, following the death of his uncle Modesto, and then was inherited by Walter Lodali. With his mum Rita the renovation works begin in 2001, and at that moment they had the brilliant idea of creating a restaurant with some rooms; excellent location for such a structure, called Vigneto (vineyard).

My brother Manolo and I have been managing the Vigneto since 2005, then we were 28 and 26 years old respectively and since that day we have tried to put our experience into practice in an area that is always very popular with foreigners. It has been a continuous growth that has brought us here.

What experience can you enjoy at “Vigneto di Roddi”?

In addition to the already mentioned innovative cuisine and rooms overlooking the UNESCO hills, Vigneto di Roddi combines the values of the Langhe, starting from food and wine with a winery that reflects Piemonte’s viticulture, just think of wines such as Barolo, Barbaresco and Roero.
A strong point of Vigneto di Roddi is its strategic position where you can carry out the most varied activities: from a simple visit to the neighboring castles, to trekking routes in the mountains or to tourism linked to mountain biking. Moreover, it is an hour’s drive from cities such as Turin and Milan.

The “Vigneto di Roddi” also had the honor of hosting some famous people, right?

In February 2016 we had lunch with Gigi Buffon, his partner Ilaria D’Amico and the little Leopoldo. Furthermore, we have had the honor of hosting several Torino players, of which my brother and I are fans.

Why did you choose Slope as management software?

Together with my brother Manolo we were looking for a management software for our structure and the choice fell on Slope because it was exactly what we needed, suitable for our reality and our needs.
A special mention should be made to Michela (Sales Manager) who was always available with us and showed us the software in every facet.

Is there a Slope feature that captured you?

First of all it is an intuitive software and this helps the hotelier to carry out the various daily tasks. I really appreciate the fact that the system is constantly updated, it is not a static thing, but rather are made continuous improvements to optimize the user experience.
If I had to identify a feature in particular I would say that of estimates; I find it very convenient and quick that you can send a quote in a few clicks where the customer will see and book the solution that he prefers, so this booking will automatically synchronize in the management.

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