CRM and Quotes

Manage requests and quotes with hotel CRM

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Slope integrates a powerful CRM that allows you to get to know your customers and intelligently use the information collected so as to send customized offers and quotes.

Get to know the customers of your hotel with the CRM Hotel integrated in Software Slope. Through the quotes function you can send stay proposal directly from the Slope.
Through the quote feature you can send stay proposals directly from the hotel management system.
Keep track of all your customers requests, starting from those who contact your hotel asking for a simple quote for a stay up to the management of the best regular customer
Tag tramite CRM

Group customers using filters and custom tags

Slope CRM allows you to associate tags and custom filters to your pass-through customers, breaking them down into categories and ensuring they are searched for filters when needed.

To prepare email marketing campaigns that convert, it is essential to know in advance the target you wish to reach, so as to maximize direct bookings.

Convince your customers with a great communication

Whether we are talking about a regular customer or a guest who has not yet visited your hotel, you can contact them by sending professional, content-rich emails.
Keep them updated even after booking, setting pre-stay and post-stay emails.

Esempio richiesta di soggiorno in Slope

Create eye-catching quotes in a matter of seconds

Slope allows you to receive and send requests for quotes directly in the management software thanks to the direct connection with your website. Respond to requests in minutes by sending quotes for stays of individuals and groups.
With Slope you can create attractive and tailored quotes by responding to all customer requests.

Say goodbye to post-it notes, sheets attached to the screen and risk of errors.
The quotes created within the Management PMS are characterized by the quick creation by the receptionist, simplicity of display for the guest. In addition, a detailed reports with statistics on accepted quotes and conversion rate, an integrated chat and a tracking systems offer maximum visibility and control.

The payment methods are configurable and can be manifold: from bank transfer, credit card as guarantee up to immediate payment through services such as Paypal or Stripe.

Marketing automation to send automatic follow-up emails
Chat and direct communication with the customer
Check statistics and information via a dedicated dashboard
Openings and conversions tracking systems
Proposta di soggiorno tramite preventivi

Create a quotes in 3-step


Choose your dates

Avoid creating quotes for dates when you have no availability.


Create one or more accommodation proposals also for large groups

Create flexible proposals for guests or groups and in just a few clicks, combining accommodation, rates and date ranges.


Send the quote by email, WhatsApp, Telegram or Messenger

After sending the proposal, it monitors open rates and clicks through dedicated statistics.

Why use Slope quotes

Multi proposal quotes

Send quotes with more proposals of stay by diversifying dates, type of accommodation and rates. In this way the customer can compare prices, offers and services, choosing the right proposal for his needs.

Group quotes

Create and send quotes for groups and crews. The groups of guests have special requests for accommodation, so it is possible to include in the offer different combinations of accommodation, rates and guests, specify different date ranges and easily apply changes to the offer price. In this way the customer can compare prices, offers and services, choosing the right proposal for his needs.

CRM Hotel
Automatic follow ups

After sending a quote, keep in touch with the customer by setting up automatic follow up emails which will keep the relationship with the future guest active warm and increase conversions. The reminder are configurable and customizable and seem to be sent directly by the hotelier.

Report and Analysis

Slope allows you to keep track of quotes sent over time, providing a precise analysis of what are opening rates, conversion rates and any returns to the sender. The integrated reporting engine helps to know fundamental data including the average of the days spent for the acceptance of a quote, how many times a quote is opened and the average value of the proposals.