Housekeeper Application

Housekeeper application

Optimize productivity between reception and room staff

It optimizes the management and coordination of the hotel staff, putting in the hands of receptionists and housekeeping workers, an application thanks to which they can update the state of cleanliness of the rooms, charge for minibar consumption or report breakdowns and problems.

The Housekeeper application, which does not require the purchase of additional hardware, but is usable through any smartphone that has an internet connection, helps to increase the productivity of the Housekeeping staff, providing effective planning and simple state control of the rooms.

Absolute control from the reception

Whoever is at the reception, through the Slope back-office, can:

Assign daily preparations for each housekeeper, dividing them by type of accommodation and plans;

Monitor the cleanliness of the rooms with a quick glance, checking if it is “clean” or “to clean”;

Filter accommodation, type of treatments and employment status so as to have an even clearer overview;

Accessible from any device

The room attendant, through her smartphone and without the need to install any application, can:

Charge extra services like a minibar directly on the room bill;

Update the status of real estate rehabilitation;

Enter notes relating to any maintenance operations. 

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