Widget Booking Engine

Widget Booking Engine

A tool to increase bookings

The Widgets, developed specifically for WordPress, are simple modules to install on the website of the structure that allow to further simplify integration with the Booking Engine.

Widgets are modules that connect the Slope management system with the site and the booking engine, preventing the hotel owner from making manual changes every time he makes a change in terms of rates and offers.

Widget Reservation

The date widget allows potential visitors to the website to open the calendar and go select a range of dates for which they intend to stay. The widget date is usually positioned at the top of the site and is highlighted, so that the customer can make a reservation quickly and quickly.
An important aspect of the date widget is that it must be responsive, adapting to the navigation of any device.

Widget Promotions

The Promotions Widget allows you to show in certain sections of the site those promotional packages that have been created within the management system.

Everything updates automatically

Crea un promozione dal PMS Gestionale

Create a promotion from the Management PMS

Il sito web si aggiornerà automaticamente

The website will update automatically

Il Booking Engine si aggiornerà automaticamente

The Booking Engine will update automatically

The Promotions Widget allows you to create infinite combinations in which you can specify:

  • Conditions and description of the offer;
  • Range of dates in which the stay can be booked;
  • Range of dates in which the promotion is visible within the booking engine;
  • Choose on which days the stay can be booked (Mon, Tue, Wed, etc.);
  • Determine minimum stay and maximum stay;
  • Select which accommodations and treatments to sell;
  • Decide whether to show the price per night or the total price.

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