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Webinar: Google Hotel Ads and Free Booking Links

Explained by Google and Slope

Tuesday March 16th - 11:00

Slope, in collaboration with Google, is proud to present an exclusive webinar.

A one hour event to better understand how Google Hotel Ads works and how the new Free Booking Links will reshape and change the metasearch world.

On March, Google announced a major change to the way hotels display prices on GHA metasearch, adding an organic list of prices that enables hotels to obtain free visibility and commission free bookings.

The webinar is divided into three parts


Marco Matarazzi, CEO at Slope, will explain the steps that a hotel has to perform in order to sell and advertise on Google metasearch


Nicolas Dussart, Global Business Development & Travel at Google, will present and describe the details behind the new “Free Booking Links” feature.


Q&A with participants

Slope has partnered with Google, so that hotels’ direct rates and inventory will be distributed on hotel search on Google.

Through the Slope channel manager it is possible to connect to Google Hotel Ads and diversify your sales strategy, reaching all those who start their search for booking a trip through Google.

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