Which CRM to choose for a Hotel? Features to identify


In this article we talk about CRM. Firstly, when we speak about CRM, we refer to a software solution which nearly all companies who need to manage client relationships need. This software allows you to store  information, identify sales opportunities, monitor the sending of quotes and the management of email marketing campaigns.  

Moreover, classic CRMs include too much analytic functions for the hospitality sector, including:

  • real and potential clients management;
  • dedicated sales pipeline;
  • predictions and sales goals.

This is the reason because the hospitality sector needs a tailored CRM based on the needs of the hotel industry.  

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality suitable for the hotel industry

A CRM per Hotel must base its operation on the management of relations with individual guests. 

As a result, it’s essential that this tool follows the entire customer journey, starting from preventing requests until his return home. 

Guest actionCRM functionality
Tom White requires a quote from 10 to 15 August Customer file is created and the sent quote is automatically attached. CRM registers the number of the estimated openings
After 5 day Tom White has not responded to the quote yet CRM automatically sends a follow up mail to Tom White.
Tom White accepts the preventThe reservation is registered in the PMS and the Customer file is updated.
2 days before the Tom Withe’s stay at the HotelCRM automatically sends the pre-stay email, allowing Tom to check-in online, giving info about the Hotel (parking, reception time, etc.)
At check-in The disclosure of the privacy policy is digitally signed and stored.
During the stayYou can label your guest preferences with tag and custom filters.
During the stayAny notes and extra drinks are stored in the customer file.
2 days after the check-out CRM automatically sends a post-stay email in which it is asked to leave a review. 
1 month after check-outThanks to the tags it’s possible to send email marketing campaigns based on the interests of each guest. You can monitor stats about the opening and eventual unsubscription. 

Some of the functions of an excellent Customer Relationship Management are:

  • regarding the reservation history and any estimates sent, we must have a detailed view about the guest;
  • to prepare email marketing campaigns for a much more profiled target, it need to assign tag and custom label to guests;
  • send pre-stay and post-stay email, keeping it up to date through catchy communication.
What is CRM for hotel
How the reservation history, quotes and email campaigns appear in Slope CRM.

Characteristics of a good CRM per hotel

Friendly use

Different staff members should access the customer file quickly, so that they could immediately see information about a guest while is phone booking and has already stayed in the hotel.

PMS integrated

It’s fundamental that CRM is combined with the management system PMS. Avoiding missed communications and being able to reliably track all the interactions about the guest.


In conclusion, good Customer Relationship Management it’s useful both in the office and on the road, especially if we need to consult a customer segmentation report. 

The mobile experience can not sacrifice quality or functionality.

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