Channel Manager

Manage distribution on OTA and metasearch

Slope channel manager synchronizes availability, rates and reservations across all your channels, minimizing your work and the possibility of making mistakes.

Manage your bookings from the planning
Slope will automatically take care of opening and closing all the connected channels starting from your booking engine, but above all with all your OTA channels
Thanks to the two-way synchronization system, Slope receives bookings from the main portals (such as and Expedia) and at the same time updates them based on changes in the availability and price of your accommodations.
Channel Manager da cui gestire, Expedia, Airbnb

Automatic management of openings and sales closures on portals

Once you have set the number of rooms for sale on an OTA channel for a given period of time, all you have to do is enter the reservations in the calendar and Slope will take care of everything else, thus avoiding overbooking!

User interface made to reduce errors

Just enter the reservations and closures in the planning. Slope will communicate them to all configured OTA portals. The simplicity of the menu allows you to select which elements to filter on the work screen to complete an action.

Distribuzione e vendita online tramite il channel manager

Link every channel you want

Forget your portals extranet

The interfaces of the OTA portals are all different and often complicated to manage. Slope allows you to manage all your channels from one platform , forgetting to access the various extranets. Directly from the Slope panel you can flexibly change prices, vary availability, decide how many rooms to sell on OTA portals, close certain rates and set minimum and maximum stays.

All the channels you need

Say stop to problematic overbooking! Thanks to the two-way XML integration system, Slope automatically receives reservations from the OTAs and instantly synchronizes these portals with availability and rates. The channel manager does not require manual intervention.


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Synchronization through iCal

Slope allows you to communicate through iCal the availability of a specific type of accommodation to an online sales portal or a tour operator. The iCal generated by Slope can be reached via URL and allow the unidirectional communication (1 way) of the information.


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Metasearch management

Increase direct bookings! The Slope Channel Manager provides the connection to the main metasearch engines, guaranteeing the hotelier the opportunity to increase his visibility online, allowing him to manage his investments and increase direct bookings.


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Statistiche Channel Manager

Statistics and reporting

Slope Channel Manager presents a section dedicated to statistics and reporting. The Channel Manager allows you to view the data also in the form of a graph to make it easier to understand. Criteria such as the current occupation, the number of reservations registered per month, are subdivided according to annual overview and sales channels.

Calendario Channel Manager

Easy and modular price management by Channel Manager

Slope Channel Manager allows you to upload prices and rates over a long period of time. It is thus possible to select the various criteria for entering the rates depending on the type of room or according to the days of the week.