Welcome to Slope

We designed Slope with the goal of bringing hotels a modern, cloud, all-in-one software solution.

We believe that attention to technology is the foundation of great software, so Slope was designed with the intent of being “agile,” meaning it can evolve quickly and adapt to market and customer needs.

Quality for us means providing the hotel with fast, reliable and always up-to-date software that can keep up with the continuous evolution of the hospitality industry.

In fact, we believe that it is only through attention to detail that we can put software in the hands of the entire hotel staff that they will love to use every day!

Andrea Sprega, CTO and co-founder
Marco Matarazzi, CEO and co-founder

Who do we address

Our clients are independent Italian accommodations of all sizes; from boutique leisure facilities to large hotels with hundreds of rooms.

We know that each hotel has its own needs and peculiarities; it is important to understand what the specific needs of the individual hotel are and define a tailored solution.

We have chosen to focus exclusively on the Italian market, and every year more than 250 new accommodations choose Slope to manage every aspect of the hotel.

Thanks to our vertical expertise on the specific needs of Italian hotels, we can quickly cover every new need: from regulatory obligations to the implementation of new sales and distribution tools.

Software "All in one"

Slope offers all the software tools the hotel needs, functionality ranging from housekeeping, reservation management, through rate setting to channel distribution.

This means that each member of the hotel staff will have a tailored tool to get their job done.

But we know that each person in the facility needs to be guided, trained, and assisted in order to master the software tools 100 percent; this is taken care of by our support and training team, an excellence of which we are extremely proud.

The company nestled in the Umbrian hills

Slope, was born right among the Umbrian hills in the town of Gualdo Tadino (PG).

After working for many years in the field of software consulting for Silicon Valley companies, we came up with Slope with the aim of bringing new, modern technology as never seen before into Italian hotel management.

Working in a comfortable environment, surrounded by nature, but above all alongside smart colleagues who are passionate about hotellerie is our greatest strength, the secret ingredient that allows us to build and grow Slope day after day.

Our Office

If you would like to come and meet us in person we are waiting for you at our offices, we always find time to have coffee together and talk about hospitality.

You can find us at:

Via Vittorio Veneto - 06023 Gualdo Tadino (PG)

Work with us

Thanks to Slope management software, hoteliers can tackle the digitization journey with software that simplifies task management in the facility.

If you are a hotel consultant, marketing agency or sales agent, write to us and let’s discuss a possible collaboration.

If you would like to join the Slope team instead, take a look at our open positions.