Podcast Hospitality 4.0

Hospitality 4.0 by Slope is the first podcast in italian language entirely dedicated to the world of hospitality.

Podcast Ospitalità 4.0 Edoardo Ridolfi e Marco Matarazzi Slope

The Hospitality Podcast

Hospitality 4.0 by Slope is the first podcast entirely dedicated to the world of hospitality.
The topics covered in the podcast are applicable for any structure: from large hotels but also to smaller structures such as B&Bs, apartments and farmhouses.

The aim is to provide advice and suggestions that can help automate and speed up the different tasks in the structure.

Hospitality 4.0 therefore consists of introducing into the work processes of the company that sells hospitality, modern and simple tools that are able to simplify the work of the entire hotel team.

Who are our podcasts for?

If you manage a hotel or work in a hotel as a receptionist, marketer, revenue consultant, sales strategy consultant or you are simply a hotel management enthusiast … then this is the podcast for you!

What will we talk about

Through the words of Edoardo Ridolfi, marketer and communication expert Slope and Marco Matarazzi, computer engineer and co-founder of Slope, we will address topics and technological aspects that revolve around hotel management.

Why Hospitality 4.0 as a podcast title

Hospitality 4.0” is a term borrowed from the industry sector where there is a lot of talk about Industry 4.0 as the evolution of company production processes in order to automate and make production processes more efficient.

We believe that this concept must also be applied in the hotel sector, all of which translates into making available “smart” tools that are able to interact with each other automatically in order to simplify processes and increase sales.