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Which CRM to choose for a Hotel? Features to identify

In this article we talk about CRM. Firstly, when we speak about CRM, we refer to a software solution which nearly all companies who need to manage client relationships need. This software allows you to
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robot receptionist

Will robot receptionists take our place?

Robots are already present on a large scale in industrial production. There are advanced machines capable of building and producing complex parts on a large scale with unique efficiency and
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Pickup Report Hotel Software Gestionale Slope

How to read and analyze the pickup report

How can I correctly analyze the booking trend for my hotel? What is the report that allows me to better plan the hotel season? We will talk about the pickup
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marketing vs selling

There is a difference between selling and marketing

Marketing is not a lifeboat to get on at the last minute in the hope that things will change in the blink of an eye. Marketing is a time-consuming process
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Are books the only way to increase your education?

How can a hotelier increase his culture both in the workplace and in the personal sphere? Are books really the only tool to open your mind and improve your education?
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staff hotel

How a great team can help you earn more

The figures that make up the hotel team are by no means few and are all very important. At the top we obviously have the director, the figure who deals
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