Privacy Module

Digitize the process of acknowledgment and acceptance of the privacy forms via tablet or smartphones

App Privacy Digitale by Slope

Privacy Module advantages

The Slope privacy form allows you to digitize your viewing and have the customer sign the privacy form required by the GDPR Regulation.

Slope provides digital information that avoids the manual and paper compilation of documents, allowing the customer’s information to be kept in digital format.

Through the privacy form, guest registration becomes even easier and faster, the customer can view the hotel’s privacy policy through any device with touch screen made available by the hotel.

The signature and acknowledgment of the related information will be synchronized within the customer card present in the CRM section of the Slope management system.

With the privacy module guests registration time is highly reduced, there will no longer be the need for paper forms storage and there is no need to purchase specific hardware (the module is compatible with any smartphone or tablet).

Modulo Privacy Digitale Slope
Play Video about Esempio del modulo privacy di Slope che il cliente firma in hotel al momento del check-in

At the time of check-in, the guest reads the privacy policy through a tablet or smartphone


The form is signed by the guest


The privacy form and the various consents given are saved in the customer card in the integrated CRM