Meeting Rooms

The Meeting Rooms module integrated in Slope PMS is ideal for the control and management of the MICE areas of the hotel

Sala Meeting

Dedicated planning for meeting and conference rooms

The Meeting Rooms module’s timetable provides a calendar in which one can manage the booking of hotel conference areas and meeting rooms, allowing you to efficiently plan all types of events, large or small.

It is possible to include notes regarding the setting up and preparation of the rooms and to specify reservation intervals even on several days or on specific hourly intervals.

The calendar gets updated in real time, allowing front desk operators to be able to constantly monitor the situation.

The functionality is perfectly integrated with the PMS, making it easy to charge or invoice for businesses
Through a dedicated planning it is possible to book conference spaces and reserve meeting rooms for corporate events.
The simplicity of the graphical interface makes it easy and intuitive for any operator to use the tool

Manage reservations and events in a single software

Manage everything from your property management system, avoid synchronization errors between different platforms and keep the event’s card up to date.

Since the Meeting rooms module is directly linked to Slope PMS, the hotel has full control over events, offering detailed reports easy to analyze.

Book reservations in few clicks
Instant and automatic synchronization with Slope PMS
Send reservation confirmation
Enter notes on the meeting room layout
Manage meeting rooms, conference center and meeting rooms
Invoice everything to privates or businesses at check-out