iD Scan app

Speed up the insertion of your guests' documents, read the identity document directly and send it to the Slope management software with iD Scan

iD Scan by Slope, lettore documenti elettronici

Turn your smartphone into a document scanner

iD Scan by Slope is an application for mobile devices that allows you to read your guests’ identity documents and send the information directly to the Slope’s backoffice.

With the app the reading of identity documents becomes very fast, easy and without insertion errors and transcriptions.

iD Scan by Slope turns your smartphone into a portable electronic document scanner.

Scans of documents are sent directly to the Slope management software, simplifying the guest registration process.

iD Scan is the indispensable tool for every receptionist to check in in a few steps and without making mistakes when transcribing names!

Scan electronic passports and electronic identity cards
Reduce registration times for guests checking in
Avoid manual entry of customer data
Intuitive and easy to use interface
Fast and snappy, data is collected instantly.
A single app compatible with both phone and tablet.
Perfect integration with the Slope management software
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How does it work?


Aim your ID with your phone’s camera


Bring the identity document close to the phone to allow reading the information from the chip


Send customer data directly to the Slope management system

Download iD Scan

With IDScan you can scan electronic identity documents through your smartphone and send them directly to the customer card of the Slope management software.

Exclusively for Slope customers.