Food and Beverage Application

Food and Beverage Application

Manage accounts and invoice at check out

The Slope Food and Beverage module allows you to optimize and simplify the work of the different hotel staff, allowing you to manage different aspects of the structure such as the bar account and restaurant orders.

The Food and Beverage application is usable from any device, without the need to purchase specific hardware or tablets.

The simplicity of the graphic interface allows it to be used by any hotel staff; it is also perfectly connected to the Slope PMS for the issue of tax documents.

Choose the room to charge for the service

The purpose is to allow, for those who take care of the bar and restaurant receipts, to debit the consumption account directly in the booking, allowing you to pay everything at the time of check-out.

The customer can receive a courtesy copy of the drink or sign the charge directly on the device.

The charge is entered directly in the Slope PMS in the extras of the booking form, thus allowing you to bill everything at the end of the stay.

Multiple stations from which to manage bars, restaurants and sales points

With the purchase of the Food and Beverage module you can manage the various points of sale of the structure such as: bar, restaurant and other services. Each operator will have his own access code from which he will be able to manage the respective area.

Being Food and Beverage connected directly to the PMS of Slope it allows to have full control on what are the centers of profit of the structure, offering detailed reports about it.

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