Why choose Slope?

In a single software you have all the functions you need to manage your accommodation facility.

Slope uno sguardo all'azienda e al team

All in one and the cloud

In a single software you have all the functions you need to manage your accommodation facility.

A single software to use, a single assistance to interface with, a single fee to pay.

In addition, a 100% cloud solution like Slope allows you to manage your facility from any fixed or mobile device and from anywhere in the world where you are.

All features in one software
Usable from any fixed or mobile device
Usable from any position in the world
The training of the hotel staff is carried out in a careful and detailed manner.
The configuration of the Slope account is carried out by technicians who will follow you step by step
The intuitiveness of Slope allows you to learn how the software works quickly

Software engineering at its finest

The IT engineering team within the company is Slope’s flagship.

Their task is to maintain and expand the software platform while maintaining a standard of quality and robustness of the highest level. At the same time they seek innovative solutions to follow the developments and new standards that the market imposes.

Always up to date and in step with the regulations

Software updates are free, automatic and do not require any installation work by the hotelier.
Slope is always up to date with regulatory compliance such as GDPR, electronic invoicing and sending of telematic payments.

Time savings

The features of Slope allow you to automate many operations (from synchronizing reservations in different OTA channels, to sending quotes to online check-in), allowing staff to dedicate more time to the customer.

Data security

With the cloud, the hotelier delegates the management of their customers’ sensitive data, thus avoiding any risk of information loss due to power surges, viruses and hard disk failures.
Slope complies with the highest security standards and is also GDPR and PCI DSS compliant.

Economic saving

It is cheaper than software installed on hotel-owned servers (on premise) because there are no purchase costs for dedicated servers and there are no maintenance costs.
Not having to manage a server, there is no need to pay for ordinary and extraordinary technical interventions.