PMS - Property Management System

Full control of your hotel with a Property Management System (PMS)

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The PMS allows you to manage your hotel wherever you are and from any device, desktop or mobile.

Slope is a fully cloud-based management software available on all Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.
Organize/Coordinate every hotel management aspect with a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool for the hotelier and the entire hotel team.
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Manage group and individual bookings

Adding group or individual bookings is fast and easy. Choose whether to apply discounts, surcharges, add extra services or discount codes. Simply manage deposits and down payments, even for groups. With Slope you can allow extra services to be included in orders and reservations, so you can keep track of what you sell, automatically billing it at customer checkout.
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Efficient planning

Simple and easy-to-use reservations calendar.

Add reservations and close rooms booking in few seconds; use intuitive functionalities like the drag and drop to move reservations to other rooms or dates.

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With Slope PMS you are always in control of every aspect of your hotel.

Manage bookings, room housekeeping, police and ISTAT files, restaurant and bar charges, rates, prices and rooms distributions on both direct and OTA sales channels.

The PMS allows you to manage the entire client’s booking cycle, from the moment the client makes the booking, to check-in and charging of any surcharges and extras during the stay in the hotel. At the end of the stay it is possible to issue fiscal documents directly from the management system.

Thanks to a dedicated dashboard, it is possible to track sales trends and revenues of different profit centers (accommodation, restaurant, wellness center and SPA, meeting rooms), as everything is integrated within a single software.

Speed up the check-in process

Speed up guest registration procedures by allowing online check-in even before arrival at the facility. Simplify paperwork; read IDs through the iD Scan app and collect privacy policy signatures digitally through the Privacy Module built into the management software.

Extra services and consumptions

Associate an extra service directly with the reservation or room. Through integration with the Wellness and Meeting Rooms module, specific resources can be reserved and linked directly to the guest's stay. Bar, minibar and restaurant consumptions can also be managed through the dedicated Food&Beverage and Housekeeping applications.

Integrated invoicing and fees

Slope hotel management software allows the hotelier to manage electronic receipts by supporting direct connection with the main telematics recorders. It is also possible to generate and issue electronic invoices in XML format with very few clicks and without the need for additional software. It displays cash flows directly in the PMS.

Police cards, ISTAT and tourist tax

It is possible to directly synchronize files for reporting lodging files to the State Police and ISTAT documents. In addition, the PMS also allows automatic management of the tourist tax, specifying age groups, exemption category and seasonality of the tax according to the rules imposed by the municipality in which the facility is located.

Complete booking management

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Maximum control over rates and prices

The PMS makes it possible to change prices in bulk over a long period of time, adapting prices based on availability or changing them in a meticulous and precise way even by a single day. Maximum flexibility in managing child pricing. Open and manage the availability of both direct and OTAs channels, applying price templates and racks in just a few clicks.

Complete and customizable reports

Thanks to data and revenue indexes, it is possible to follow the sales trend of different hotel profit centers through customizable reports and statistics. The printable and exportable reports in pdf and excel allow to have a clear and accurate vision also through dedicated graphs. Dedicated reports for restaurant meal preparation and housekeeping bed configurations.
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Analyze profit centers

One of the most complex aspects of hotel management is keeping track of profit centers. In Slope’s PMS it is possible to control different profit centers (accommodation, restaurant, wellness center and SPA, meeting rooms), thus having an accurate revenue analysis and being able to define a revenue strategy through precise and accurate information.

Applications by Slope

App Privacy Digitale integrata nel PMS Slope
Privacy Module

The Slope Privacy module allows your clients to digitally read and sign the new European GDPR Privacy Regulation terms.


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App Food and Beverage integrata nel PMS Slope
Food and Beverage

From bar checks to restaurant orders management, the Food & Beverage module gives your coworkers a dedicated app to add consumptions to a specific room or to clients that don’t stay in your hotel.


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App Housekeeping integrata nel PMS Slope

Improve the internal organization of your structure, establishing an effective system of communication between those who are in reception and the cleaning staff.


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App iD Scan integrata nel PMS Slope
iD Scan

Register your guests quickly with your smartphone! Through iD Scan the reading of identity documents becomes very fast, easy and without insertion and transcriptions errors.


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