Email Marketing Tool

The email marketing integrated in the Slope management software is one of the most effective tools you have available to reach your guests and make them aware of the promotions and offers of your hotel.

Retain customers and acquire new ones

Slope provides pre-set layouts where it is sufficient to enter the text and image of the promotion that you want to send to customers.

It takes just a few clicks to select the template with the related offer and send it to a specific customer segment.

Thanks to Slope’s CRM it is possible to segment users and send certain email campaigns only to certain recipients.

When you know the preferences of the guests and the reason for their previous stay, it becomes easier to start email campaigns in which to personalize the message and offer targeted promotional packages.

For each email marketing campaign it is possible to study analytically the reports provided by Slope, taking into account some important data such as opening rate, finished spam and unsubscribe messages (unsubscriptions) from the mailing list.
It is also possible to monitor which offers or services are more relevant and attractive for certain groups of guests