How to turn reviews into revenue

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Reviews are very important for any hotel, they are the visiting card that invites the guest to book your hotel or to run away and see another hotel if your online reputation is not good. This is why it is necessary to take care of your own image, even if in the multitude of daily tasks of a hotelier, it is not always possible.

How can you make money with your hotel reviews?

Thanks to Customer Alliance now you can!
Customer Alliance, a company based in Berlin, was founded in 2009 by the idea of two young entrepreneurs, who decide to give hotels more power over their online reputation.

Reviews bring visibility to the hotel and convert user visits to your property’s web page in direct bookings. Collecting, distributing and analyzing the reviews of your hotel has become even easier and more immediate thanks to the unique Customer Alliance solution.

The reviews of the hotel collected and distributed on strategic channels aim to get more visibility and consequently more direct bookings by guests.

The solution to manage all-round online reviews

The German company has invented an optimal solution to better manage the hotel’s online reputation, allowing the hotelier to save time and money. The solution offers a complete overview of online reviews related to your structure and helps you to collect new ones thanks to the invitation by email and SMS. The purpose is precisely to not let even a review escape.

With the distribution option you can direct reviews of their guests on different channels like TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook in a few simple clicks. In this way, your hotel is guaranteed homogeneous visibility and strongly present on all review platforms.

Customer Alliance and Slope

The Slope software solution integrates seamlessly with the Customer Alliance, allowing the user to directly manage online reputation from the Slope control panel.

The integration is simple and automatic, so that the hotelier can save time in the management of the reviews, this in order to concentrate more on the services to offer to the hotel guests.

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With Slope management software, you are always in control of every aspect of your hotel.