Online reputation control and management

Online reputation control and management for hotel

How do you monitor and manage your online reputation? How do you manage to optimize the customer journey?

When a review is synonymous with revenue

In the online distribution strategy, collecting, distributing and analyzing reviews plays an increasingly important role, this is because many travelers, before booking a room through the site’s booking engine or through any OTA channel, rely heavily on feedback and reviews left by those who has already stayed in that facility.

Knowing how to monitor the opinions coming from the different portals, responding and sharing the best reviews helps to increase the visibility and to win the trust of future guests.

Communication and customer journey

It’s important to communicate with customers via email throughout the customer journey, from the moment of check-in to check-out, so as to try to meet guests’ expectations.

Also, it’s important to go to solicit the silent mass of those who once finished their stay have not yet left a review, going to automate the process of sending the feedback form after checkout, so as to be able to analyze and understand the opinion of the guests.

In addition, through these software tools it is possible not only to manage the reviews, but also to offer upselling services, thus increasing the revenue of the structure.

How to automate online reputation management

This review check can be done through software tools that allow you to monitor and have a more in-depth knowledge of the data that is normally collected by the PMS.

Slope’s PMS is integrated with a reputation control solution such as Customer Alliance and allows you to automate the management of reviews, so that the hotelier can focus more on the services to be offered to hotel guests.

And you? How do you track online reputation?

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