iCal sinchronization for hotel

iCal is a tool that allows you to communicate the availability of a specific type of accommodation to an online sales portal, a tour operator or external collaborators

iCalendar Slope

Import, export and sync through iCal

Communication via iCal is unidirectional, so it is possible to send information regarding the availability of the PMS Slope to the service where the iCalendar was entered.

Whenever a reservation is received from the portal in which the iCalendar was entered, the latter is not automatically communicated to the PMS, but must be entered manually.

The iCal generated by Slope can be reached via URL and allow unidirectional communication (1-way) of the information: consequently it is possible to update the availabilities from the PMS to the portal or service where the address of the iCalendar is inserted.

The calendar is automatically updated from Slope at the variation of the availability of the room. 

The connection via iCalendar calendars can therefore be considered sufficient in the case of connections with portals from which you do not receive a high number of bookings, thus making the manual entry of the same sustainable.
The calendar is automatically updated by the Slope management system as the availability of the accommodation varies
You can use this tool to automatically update opens and closes on Vrbo.