What is PMS for hotel?

The term PMS is the acronym of Property Management System, in Italy this is more commonly known by the term “hotel management”.

The PMS is the main software tool used by hoteliers and receptionists, this must allow different operations such as:

view and manage reservations through a planning
issue tax documents
generate hosted tickets and ISTAT
apply tourist tax
manage rates and prices
check the cleanliness of the accommodation
analyze sales trends through reports

Why choose a cloud management software?

A completely cloud software like Slope offers several advantages.



With the cloud the hotel owner delegates the management of the sensitive data of its customers, thus avoiding any risk of information loss due to power surges, viruses and hard disk breakage, this is because the data backup is guaranteed and managed by those who provide the PMS service and offers a considerable security that will prevent you from losing valuable information.


Particularly delicate is also the GDPR issue, where if with the cloud the responsibility for protection is borne by the service provider, in the case of local servers it must have an operating system updated with an operating technician who certifies the updates.


First of all it is cheaper than the software installed on hotel-owned servers (on premise), because there are no purchase costs for dedicated servers and there are no maintenance costs. Since there is no server there is no need to pay ordinary and extraordinary technical interventions in cases of crashes, viruses or hardware failures.


The biggest advantage is that the cloud has no installation time and costs: no technician who installs the server in the structure, which makes you can wait weeks for configuration.

More updated

A 100% cloud solution like Slope allows you to control your structure from any fixed or mobile device and from anywhere in the world where you are, all you need is a connection to an internet to understand what is happening in your hotel.

And if the Internet connection doesn't work?

Nowadays not having an Internet connection on any device is a very remote case.

With a web based cloud software you can manage your structure from any fixed or mobile device, even from your mobile phone.

In addition, some connectivity providers support the modem with a wi-fi solution to compensate for any connectivity problems with the fixed network, guaranteeing an even higher uptime.