Success stories – Interview with Rossano Allochis, co-director of Vigneto di Roddi

Vigneto di Roddi Slope

Right at the top of the Langhe hills, stands the Vigneto di Roddi, a structure that offers its guests rooms with attention to detail and a typical cuisine revisited by creative and curious proposals.
In this wonderfully restored farmhouse, immersed in the vineyards and hazelnut trees of the UNESCO heritage from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the most beautiful valleys of the Langhe, we met Rossano Allochis, partner with his brother Manolo of Vigneto di Roddi.
Manolo and Rossano Allochis are respectively Chef and Maitre: strong of a solid experience, gained both in Italy and abroad, they have chosen this Ravinali’s hill, in Roddi, to stop and put into practice the skills acquired in years of intense training.

Rossano told us the story of Roddi’s Vineyard and why he chose Slope as a management software.

How was the “Vigneto di Roddi” born?

The farmhouse was built in 1915 where lived Modesto Lodali, grower of hazelnuts, breeder and small wine producer. He owned about 45 calves and produced wine at home for friends and some families in the area. The farmhouse was abandoned for several years, following the death of his uncle Modesto, and then was inherited by Walter Lodali. With his mum Rita the renovation works begin in 2001, and at that moment they had the brilliant idea of creating a restaurant with some rooms; excellent location for such a structure, called Vigneto (vineyard).

My brother Manolo and I have been managing the Vigneto since 2005, then we were 28 and 26 years old respectively and since that day we have tried to put our experience into practice in an area that is always very popular with foreigners. It has been a continuous growth that has brought us here.

What experience can you enjoy at “Vigneto di Roddi”?

In addition to the already mentioned innovative cuisine and rooms overlooking the UNESCO hills, Vigneto di Roddi combines the values of the Langhe, starting from food and wine with a winery that reflects Piemonte’s viticulture, just think of wines such as Barolo, Barbaresco and Roero.
A strong point of Vigneto di Roddi is its strategic position where you can carry out the most varied activities: from a simple visit to the neighboring castles, to trekking routes in the mountains or to tourism linked to mountain biking. Moreover, it is an hour’s drive from cities such as Turin and Milan.

The “Vigneto di Roddi” also had the honor of hosting some famous people, right?

In February 2016 we had lunch with Gigi Buffon, his partner Ilaria D’Amico and the little Leopoldo. Furthermore, we have had the honor of hosting several Torino players, of which my brother and I are fans.

Why did you choose Slope as management software?

Together with my brother Manolo we were looking for a management software for our structure and the choice fell on Slope because it was exactly what we needed, suitable for our reality and our needs.
A special mention should be made to Michela (Sales Manager) who was always available with us and showed us the software in every facet.

Is there a Slope feature that captured you?

First of all it is an intuitive software and this helps the hotelier to carry out the various daily tasks. I really appreciate the fact that the system is constantly updated, it is not a static thing, but rather are made continuous improvements to optimize the user experience.
If I had to identify a feature in particular I would say that of estimates; I find it very convenient and quick that you can send a quote in a few clicks where the customer will see and book the solution that he prefers, so this booking will automatically synchronize in the management.




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