Slope is the first hotel management software that can work with a voice assistant

Chiedilo a Slope assistente vocale software gestionale hotel

In August we announced a big news and here it is: Slope is the first hotel management software that can be driven by a voice assistant!

It is now under the eyes of all as artificial intelligence and the relative use of voice assistants are entering more and more in daily life, going to involve the operators of the tourism sector.

Slope has developed a feature that allows you to integrate your management software with Google Assistant allowing the hotel to interact simultaneously with the management software.

What is it about?

This artificial intelligence system will allow the hotelier to interact directly with the Slope software through the voice system, allowing to perform some tasks such as making a reservation, registering the check-in or asking for some reports such as the occupancy rate for a given period.

From Amazon to Slope

If a few months ago, the voice of Amazon Alexa had entered the hotel rooms to help guests order room services or to book treatments in the spa, Slope is entering the reception of hotels, integrating the management software with Google Assistant allowing the hotelier to enter or modify reservations through artificial intelligence.

Hospitality 4.0

The possibility of piloting the management software through the voice assistant is part of the speech we have been carrying out for some time, namely that of Hospitality 4.0.

Hospitality 4.0 means to automate and streamline production processes to work better, so in our sector it means having smart tools that can interact with each other automatically.

This is because the main purpose of a software solution is to increase the productivity of a workgroup by optimizing and automating certain tasks, which must absolutely be simplified in order to reduce manual labor and increase productivity.

We will discuss this topic in more detail during our seminars:

  • Hospitality Day (9 October – Sala dello Squero 11.20-12.00)
  • TTG Incontri (10th October Sala Ravezzi 2 – South Hall, 12.00 – 13.00).

We are waiting for you! ?

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