5 tips to convince your boss to buy Slope, management software cloud and all in one

5 consigli per convincere il tuo boss ad acquistare Slope, software gestionale per hotel cloud e tutto in uno

Tip 1 – Save money by purchasing cloud software

And so you finally found Slope, the all-in-one hotel management software that will help you and your colleagues in the hotel simplify your work and increase sales.

Now the fateful moment has come when you have to convince your boss and answer the question: “Why Slope?”

Here are 5 things to convince your manager and he absolutely needs to know about Slope management software.

Cloud software is absolutely cheaper than software installed on hotel-owned servers (on premise), this is because there are no dedicated server purchase costs and there are no maintenance costs.

Often one thinks erroneously:

How much do you want it to cost to maintain a small server on site?

Well the things to put in the budget are:

  • purchase of hardware;
  • energy supply with emergency battery;
  • fast internet connectivity with backup;
  • ordinary and extraordinary technical interventions in case of crashes, viruses or hardware breakages;
  • backup and security of data;

This is only a small list of examples of some of the main expenses that the hotelier has to bear, who chooses to have software installed on a directly managed server machine.

The hotelier’s job should not consist in having to deal with the management of his own software infrastructure, every minute spent thinking about infrastructure problems is a minute taken away from the “core” activity … and this too has a significant cost. take into consideration, but which is difficult to estimate a priori.

In addition to the “direct” economic aspect of managing software on a local machine, there is a cost component linked to the risk of:

  • power surges;
  • virus;
  • theft;
  • breaking hard disk.

As an alternative to “on premise” software, installed on local machines, there are “cloud” software, that is, applications that are served by powerful server machines managed by the company that provides the service.

One of the biggest advantages of the cloud is that there is no risk of losing data due to a virus or hardware failure, thanks to redundancy and backup mechanisms that are designed on a large scale by specialized companies.

With the cloud, data backup is guaranteed by those who provide the service and offers considerable security that will prevent you from losing the customer history of the last few years.
The GDPR issue is also particularly delicate, where if with the cloud the responsibility for protection lies with the service provider, in the case of the on premise, the local server must have an updated operating system with an operating technician who certifies the updates . Finally, the internet connection must take place through updated firewalls.

Another significant advantage is that the cloud does not have installation times and costs: no technician who comes to install the server in the structure, who makes you wait weeks for the configuration and to whom you have to pay room and board and setup costs.
With the cloud, just one click is enough to start using the service.

Software like Slope can be purchased and activated in minutes, not days!

Tip 2 – Easy software also allows seasonal operators to be immediately productive

The cloud, besides being cheaper, helps to maximize productivity, offering an easy and intuitive solution for all those working at the front desk.

In hotels it often happens that the staff is not permanent all year round, there are periods of high season in which there is a greater need for help and different figures (for example trainees), for this reason the management software must not be a brake in the choice of a receptionist or a hybrid figure who will take care of both the front desk but also other tasks.

For this reason, there is a need to adopt software solutions with which an operator can become familiar in no time, without the need to purchase packages or training courses.
The software must be practical and intuitive, sending a quote, issuing an invoice or checking in must be operations that can be performed in a few clicks.

Tip 3 – Speed ​​up the work of your fellow receptionists

Classic scene.

The customer Mario Rossi sends an email asking for a quote for 2 adults plus a child from 1 to 6 May.

The receptionist goes to:

  1. Check availability for that period;
  2. Calculate the fee based on the rate for the period;
  3. Open the mailbox;
  4. Copy the template he saved to a doc file and which is usually formatted in Arial 14, Calibri 12 and Times New Roman 16;
  5. Enter the data and prices that the customer requested;
  6. Re-read the email hoping not to copy-paste the name of another customer;
  7. Send the email;
  8. Wait for the customer’s response, who in the meantime will have requested another 5-6 quotes.
  9. Send 10 more quotes, without taking into account the opening / conversion rates.

Total number of operations: 9. Time spent: at least 5 minutes.

What if these 9 processes could be simplified into 4 simpler and more congenial actions?

For example, the receptionist directly from the management Slope:

  1. Enter the dates indicated by the customer;
  2. Slope automatically provides availability, quotation, text, images and preview of the rooms in which the customer will stay;
  3. Click on send;
  4. Send the follow up to the customer if he has not responded after 2 days.

Total number of operations: 4. Time taken: less than 2 minutes.

In addition, sending quotes with a more refined and attractive look is not only a question of aesthetics, but a question of revenue !!!

Quotes with cured texts and photos are much better than emails written in Arial 12 with a dark red color, in which the amount of the stay is sometimes wrong.

Tip 4 – Get all in one software

Why is it important to convince your boss to have an all in one software solution?
First of all because it simplifies what operational management is:

  • you interface with a single training company;
  • there is only one invoice;
  • you go to withdraw only a contract if you are not satisfied with the solution (you never know!)

When you do not choose an all-in-one software management system and then adopt more software tools and try to make them communicate with each other, there are many problems and obstacles.

Connecting two platforms (such as a Management and a Channel Manager or a Booking Engine) provides for the definition of a connection agreement (mapping) that cannot always be done smoothly, i.e. the connection between a platform A and a platform B not necessarily all the elements between application A and application B are connected.

Connecting different and separate systems is never easy and scenarios can occur in which you run into data loss or inconsistent data situations, when this kind of problem occurs finding the edge of the skein is never easy, requires different manual work and a long time!

Last but not least, the synchronization times between platform A and a platform B are never zero, therefore during the synchronization time spans between the two platforms there may be additional data that is lost.

For all the above reasons it is evident how choosing a software that is all in one helps to reduce / eliminate these types of errors.

Tip 5 – Your boss will have full control from any position and from any device.

Okay, most likely this will be your boss’ favorite point.

A 100% cloud management solution such as Slope allows you to control your structure from any fixed or mobile device and from any part of the world where you are, just an internet connection is enough to understand what is happening in your hotel.
Furthermore, full access to your data allows you to make strategic decisions based on constantly updated information and statistics.

Try the demo of the Slope management software

We can’t wait to see you use Slope, we have already started the countdown ⌚.
The demo is free and it is the first step to revolutionize the way you work.

What are you waiting for? Try it now for 30 days

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