Why an hotel cannot work without Hotel Software

Hotel Management Software

Does a hotelier really need management software to manage his hotel or can a spreadsheet suffice?

As devil’s lawyers we will try to understand what are the advantages of using an excel file to manage a hotel.

After a general overview of the evolution of management software, we will try to understand how to manage some fundamental aspects such as:

  • Booking calendar
  • Management of bookings for individuals and groups
  • Portal housed
  • Reports
  • Rates and prices
  • Booking conditions.

The list above is a rough idea of ​​some of the tasks that are carried out in the structure and which, it appears evident, cannot be managed with the help of the excel sheet only, but only through a management software that allows greater control. on its structure in some aspects that are capillary to say the least.

In addition, a modern hotel management software allows you to be accessible via smartphone and therefore to be able to control your structure from any device and from any part of the world in which you are located, an internet connection will be sufficient to understand what is happening in your hotel .

What are the features of a Hotel Software?

The hotel management software is the main software tool used by hoteliers and receptionists, this must observe to perform various operations such as:

  • Describe and manage reservations through planning
  • check in / check out
  • manage tariffs and prices
  • check the cleanliness of the accommodation
  • analyze through the sales progress report.

Why choose an all in one software?

Why is it important to convince your boss to have an all in one software solution?

First of all because it simplifies what operational management is:

  • you interface with a single training company;
  • there is only one invoice;
  • you go to withdraw only a contract if you are not satisfied with the solution (you never know!)

When you do not choose an all-in-one software management system and then adopt more software tools and try to make them communicate with each other, there are many problems and obstacles.

Connecting two platforms (such as a Management and a Channel Manager or a Booking Engine) provides for the definition of a connection agreement (mapping) that cannot always be done smoothly, i.e. the connection between a platform A and a platform B not necessarily all the elements between application A and application B are connected.

Connecting different and separate systems is never easy and scenarios can occur in which you run into data loss or inconsistent data situations, when this kind of problem occurs finding the edge of the skein is never easy, requires different manual work and a long time!

Last but not least, the synchronization times between platform A and a platform B are never zero, therefore during the synchronization time spans between the two platforms there may be additional data that is lost.

For all the above reasons it is evident how choosing a software that is all in one helps to reduce / eliminate these types of errors.

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