Mobile Hotel Management Software

Mobile Hotel Management Software

Why should a hotelier choose a PMS that can also be used on mobile? What can be the management benefits for a hotel?

Mobile devices have become an integral part of everyone’s life, both professionally and personally.

However, sometimes when you talk to some hoteliers who manage medium-large hotels, you feel that it is not important for them that the PMS is accessible from mobile.

In principle, we agree, a hotel has complexities that cannot be managed in the spare time exclusively from one’s own mobile device, however, in the frenzy of the modern world it is important to always have data and numbers at hand.

We believe it is obvious that a hotelier will not use his smartphone to check-in or check-out, import the lodged file or generate the ISTAT file.

However, a 100% cloud solution allows you to have complete control over your accommodation, allowing the hotelier to supervise and manage hotel operations even when he is on the move.

In addition, full access to your data allows you to make strategic decisions based on constantly updated information and statistics and a mobile PMS allows you to access these reports anytime, anywhere.

Not only supervision, but if the hotelier wants it, you can manage rates and availability through the channel manager and send quotes.

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