5 reasons why a cloud software for hotel reservations costs less

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Why should a hotel have cloud software for hotel reservations? What are the economic advantages of such a solution? Can cost affect performance?

In this blogpost we will give you 5 reasons why a web based cloud software for hotel reservations is a cheaper solution and probably also more efficient for the management of your hotel.

We will cover several thorny topics such as installation, maintenance, scalability, hardware and data protection costs.

Many hotels, both medium-small and large, cannot help but use a software for hotel reservations to simplify their daily work tasks.

Many hoteliers pay attention to the economic factor when choosing, so here are the reasons why a cloud PMS (Property Management System) costs less and is often more convenient than an on premise solution installed on a local server.

However, we would like to clarify that we are not talking about economic software solutions because of little or limited value, but of software solutions that are affordable in economic terms because they are optimized and scalable.

Thanks to these factors, the management costs of the application platforms are lowered and allow the hotelier to benefit from both economic and quality advantages.

1. Zero server installation costs

The “on premise” management systems are installed on a server computer which physically resides inside the hotel and which must be purchased and maintained by the structure.

When choosing a cloud software you do not need to have a server physically present in the structure, you do not have to buy any infrastructure and there are no installation costs, as it is the service provider that takes care of paying the costs of management.

In addition, with the cloud, software installation times are drastically reduced, this is because there is no need to send any technician to take care of the physical installation of the server.

2. No maintenance costs

With cloud solutions, given that the PMS provider assumes responsibility for the costs related to the server, the manager of the structure does not have to bear the costs to be incurred in case of a physical server.

This is because going to invest an on premise solution installed on a server requires regular maintenance and maintenance that end up taking money and time.

3. Safe from viruses, theft and broken hard drives

One of the biggest fears that owners of accommodation facilities often face is that of sheltering from viruses, thefts and breaking of hard drives.

If these delicate episodes occur, in the case of on premise installations (local server) there is an need for extraordinary intervention in the structure.
With a PMS cloud, data backup is guaranteed and managed by the service provider and offers considerable security that will avoid you losing valuable information and data history.

4. Continuous updates and releases with a cloud software for hotel reservations

One of the biggest advantages of the cloud are the constant updates that are released to improve performance and improve stability.

With an on premise solution, the updating costs must be borne and the hotelier must worry about updating the software version manually, risking not to use the most recent, updated and performing version.
With the web based cloud, all users of the platform use the latest version and the scalability is greater.

5. Full control from any device and from any position

Today moving to mobile is more of a necessity than an option.

A web based cloud solution is accessible from any browser for this reason the hotelier can access and manage his own structure from anywhere and from any device.

With the cloud you are not connected to the device used, nor to the workplace, an internet connection is sufficient to always have the data of your hotel available.

And what do you prefer between cloud solutions and on premise solutions?

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