How to understand what went wrong in the high season in our hotel

How to understand what went wrong in the high season in our hotel

How can you tell if something went wrong in the high season? How can some processes be improved and simplified?

Today we will try to understand what the food for thought can be to work better in the high season, providing practical examples on how to remedy the problems encountered.

Lack of communication between reception and other departments

Client: Hi, I’m Mario Rossi, is my room ready?
Receptionist: A moment I call and ask.

This scene occurs in the event that the customer shows up for the check-in at the indicated time and the room is not ready.

The inconvenient exchange of calls between receptionists and room attendants can be simplified by using a software tool that allows to improve the internal organization of the hotel, establishing an effective communication system between those at the reception and those in charge of room cleaning.

A similar speech can be applied in the event that at the check-out, those at the front desk find it difficult to close the account because there are no charges for the bar or restaurant.

It should be emphasized that communication between departments is important, and it is not always software that resolves the issue.

Quotes that do not convert

Our receptionist friends find themselves having to formulate and send estimates at certain times of the year, even dozens of times a day, taking into account many factors and ever-changing needs expressed by the customer.

Often, however, the aesthetic factor is neglected, quotes written in Arial 12 mixed with Calibri 13 with a dark red color are sent, in which the amount of the stay is sometimes wrong, sending quotes with a more refined and attractive look is not only a question of aesthetics, but also and above all a question of revenue !!!

Do not resell a room under date after a cancellation

It can happen to receive a cancellation of a reservation under date and thus find yourself with an empty room in high season.

We do not even discuss the possibility of not having set a non-refundable rate because it would be madness, but we discuss the possibility of using a software tool such as the channel manager that can instantly put the room up for sale on the online portals, so that you can earn twice on the same room.

Did your team work well in the high season? Have you encountered problems or has it all gone smoothly?

With Slope, your hotel is under control. Always.

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