Hotel Blogging: The advantages of a blog for the hotel

Hotel Blogging: The advantages of a blog for the hotel

How can a hotel take advantage of a blog? What are the reasons why a blog can increase the conversations of an accommodation? Why should a hotelier invest time in it?

In this article we will talk about the importance of having a blog to promote your hotel, giving advice on how to produce and share quality content with the aim of increasing the structure’s visibility and brand.

The creation and care of the blog also falls within the promotion strategy of a hotel. The visual content that dominates most hotel sites is important, however a constantly updated blog brings benefits in terms of SEO (indexing) and in terms of brand growth.

The advantages of a blog for the hotel

The blog for a hotel must be a tool to tell what is happening around the accommodation facility (events, courses, tours, awards …). However, to achieve this goal you need authentic and original content that involves a community and that creates trust.

The hotel blog can become a flywheel not only for the sale of stays, but also for ancillary services such as show cooking or a promotion of the wellness center, thus also intriguing those who live near the structure.

One of the advantages is that of establishing a bidirectional communication channel, this aspect allows you to show the “human side of the structure“, in fact you are going to communicate simply and directly with the public, thus helping the storytelling process.

The goal of the blog for a hotel must be to create:

  • reach (reach of people who can get in touch with the contents of the blog);
  • engagement (ability of a content to create relationships with users);
  • conversions (bring the user to finalize a reservation).

As discussed in the last episode of the podcast regarding email marketing, guests wish to receive relevant information, and the type of content offered by the blog can be ideal because they attract attention.

4 reasons to invest in a hotel blog

  • Create content that improves indexing and search engine rankings
  • Promote not only stays, but also extra services
  • Create a community that is truly interested in your content, further retaining your audience
  • Increase the visibility and brand of your facility

Put the website at the center of your communication strategy

We believe that with the advent of social networks, the accommodation facilities are somehow producing content, however they do so only in the social context, increasingly forgetting that the website is the fulcrum from which to start your communication strategy.

Content creates relationships. Relationships are based on trust. Trust brings conversions.

Does your property have a blog? Have you ever considered investing time in it?

Let us know by writing your point of view to the email address or on our Facebook page.

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