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exit intent popup hotel

How can a potential customer who is about to leave the hotel website be recovered? How can exit intent popups help you from this point of view?

In this blogpost we will talk about exit intent popup for the hotel website, a useful tool to re-engage users who are about to leave the page and try to continue the booking process.

The popup windows, if implemented correctly, are an important key in the hotel marketing campaign.

What is a “popup”?

Initially there were no exit intent popups, but there were the simplest popups.

Pop-ups, created about twenty years ago, are windows that are displayed within the pages of the website and invite the user to perform an action such as:

  • subscribe to the newsletter;
  • download a content (ebook, pdf attachment);
  • complete a questionnaire;
  • send an email through a contact form.

This type of notification provided for the opening of a new browser page and was very intrusive from the point of view of the user experience. However, the unconditional and unimpeded use of pop-ups has been offside by popup blockers.

What are exit intent popups and how bookings increase

Exit intent popups are a type of content that is shown to the user when it brings the cursor out of the page in order to abandon it by navigating away, with the aim of capturing his attention again and encouraging him to remain on the site.

Exit intents are different from classic popups because they cannot be intercepted and blocked by popup blockers. Exit intents monitor mouse movement and are shown when the cursor moves outside the upper limit of the page.

The content shown is often a discount code to convince the user to end the sale or to segment a list of newsletters.

How to create exit intent popups for the hotel website

We believe that even if these tools can be considered a bit annoying, they are an excellent method to increase bookings, also because they can give your guest one more reason to book in your facility.

To create exit intents that convert to the hotel website, you need:

  • fast in loading times and simple in content;
  • insert an effective and well segmented message. If your hotel is close to a place where a congress or fair is held, make it known through the popup;
  • adequate call to action in the content that is shown;
  • attractive design and in line with the colors of the brand.

And does your website use exit intent poups? What are the conversion rates?

Let us know by writing your point of view on our Facebook page.

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