How to choose consultants for your hotel

How to choose consultants for your hotel

How do I choose consultants for my hotel? How can I understand which consultant is suitable for my structure? What are the aspects to consider when choosing?

We will talk about how to choose consultants for your structure, trying to give some advice on what should be evaluated when selecting the person who will have to support the hotelier in some aspects of hotel management.

Some hotels are often managed without the help of external consultancy, so it happens that in times of need, the hotelier taken in a hurry relies on consultants who are unable to help him solve the problems of daily management.

Some tips for choosing your hotel consultants

We believe that there are several consultants that the director of a structure can use:

  • revenue consultant
  • marketing consultant
  • legal counsel
  • business consultant

In this large group of consultants, it is important that the hotelier has a basic knowledge of all these aspects, in order to always know what he is talking about and to avoid being offered concepts in an abstract way.

A good consultant is the one who in the first instance speaks with the hotelier and understands what he needs, analyzing what is the history of the structure and the way of working of the entire staff.

Subsequently, it will define KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), that is, the most important performance indicators.

Revenue consultant

The revenue consultant is one of the figures you hear most named in the world of hospitality.

The task of the revenue consultant is to give strategic advice on sales logics, evaluating strategic pricing actions and understanding which can be the online and offline sales channels on which to invest more, always taking into account what it’s your customer segment.

In the first phase it is important that the consultant understands and understands the weaknesses of the hotel and tries to transform them into strengths.

It is obvious that to do this you need a PMS that provides a historical data and detailed reporting, otherwise the consultant will grope in the dark.

Marketing consultant

The marketing consultant is the one who must take care of promoting the structure, helping to increase brand reputation and visibility through targeted strategies which can be:

  • SEO positioning
  • PPC campaigns on Google Ads and Bing
  • advertising campaigns on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram
  • email marketing
  • copywriting
  • site performance analysis

All this obviously has a single purpose: to bring customers to the hotel.

The SEO positioning, brand and visibility cannot be created overnight, therefore it is necessary to give trust and time to those who deal with this aspect.

Legal counsel

The legal consultant is the figure who has the task of protecting the hotelier from the illegality or incorrectness of the processing of the guests’ data, avoiding exposing him to administrative or criminal penalties.

It is essential that it is constantly updated on what is new not only regarding the privacy policy and cookie policy, which has been talked about a lot with the GDPR, but also regarding the forms that are to be signed in the hotel and video surveillance.

Business consultant

The hotel sector is governed by somewhat specific and often stringent administrative, economic and tax regulations.

At this stage it is important that between the hotelier and the accountant there is a continuous support, a reciprocal exchange that must not end with the simple processing of accounting.

And how do you choose the consultants for your hotel? Have we clarified your ideas a little?

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